On my mind

I just wanted to say hi

See if you would respond.

Just was thinking about you

Hoping you are happy and that what you were looking for, you found.

I wish I could say things are great, but they’re the same but a lot has changed which doesn’t make sense but it’s how it is.

So if you don’t respond I’d understand but just so you know, you’re on my mind.


Popped in

I am overcome with emotion

These days have passed,

All this time


Seeing you and hearing your voice

How strange and familiar

To feel this.

The words I await, uncertainty

Friends or strangers.

Expecting the unexpected.

and so it goes..

I wish I could tell you

but it wouldn’t matter.

you wouldn’t hear my words

or feel..

I lived invisible,

passing by

the ghost from the outside.

and yet you saw me.

excuse my cold hands

or frozen words..

I am not used to the warm touch.

how strange it has been

to feel something other thanĀ numb.


The difference

You are my weakness.

He is my strength,

and that

is the difference.


Seeing you,

is like a picking a scab,

and watching it bleed,

all over again..


I carry a piece of you wherever I go

and whenever the thought provokes

a piece of your smile,

a piece of memory ..

reminds me..

and so I walk with a piece of sadness

of loss and of regret.

and I think of you often

and I think you know..

how heavy the pieces can get

and how when I saw you,

all the pieces came together.

and it felt.. right.

but these pieces are a memory.

a distant place…





The root of the problem

is deep within the ground.

woven and intertwined with branches and other trees.

it doesn’t see light yet

the words and days seepĀ into it and so it grows

you can tug at it and try to bring it up

but it will not break nor give.

there is a heaviness on my chest

and you keep adding more

I cannot hold all of this weight.